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Conquest on Rails

Conquest on Rails is a turn-based wargame playable in a Web browser. The gameplay is very inspired by the famous board game Risk. A game involves five users and a user can play in many different games.

When a user want to play a game, he registers and the systems find opponents for him. When a game is full, the territories of the board are dispatched across the five players and initial units are deployed on those territories. Then the game starts.

What happens in a turn

At the begining of his turn, a player receives some reinforcements to dispatch across his territories. The amount of units is determined by the number of territories the user owns.

The user can exchange cards he owns in different combinations to earn additional reinforcements.

Then he can attack other territories.

To attack, a user sends at least one unit from one of his territory to an adjoining enemy territory. He can run as many attacks as he wants (or can). The only condition is that one unit must remains on every territory.

If the attackers kill all the defenders, the attack is won and remaining units now occupy the territory and the attacker earns a card. The attacker can send back some units to their previous territory (with at least one unit remaining on the newly acquired one). If the defender has no more territory, he looses and his remainings cards are given to the attacker.

If the defenders kill all the attackers, nothing else happens.

When the attack phase is finished, the user can move units accross his territories (each unit can only be moved once).

When it is done, the next player's turn begins.


The game ends when there only one player remains in the game.

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