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Tools to extract data from map descriptors.
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Map data extractors

These tools are used to extract data (nodes and paths) from special images called map descriptors.

I created these tools for my game project Seelies.

How to use

In order to use these tools, you need two images: one to describe nodes and one for paths.

Nodes descriptor

Nodes descriptors are transparent PNG containing blocks of 4*4 fully opaque black pixels.

This is image is virtually placed on top of paths image during process so some path pixels are said to be under a node.

Paths descriptor

Paths descriptors are transparent PNG containing paths composed of contiguous pixels without blotch : a pixel can only have two pixels of the same color around it or only one if this pixel is under a node.

Both starting and ending points of a path must be under a different node.

If many paths start from a same node, use different colors to draw them (and keep it for the rest of the path): two pixels of a same color must not be found under a same node.

Extract data to a file

ruby tasks/extract_nodes_and_paths.rb map_descriptors/foo tmp/foo

The descriptor path map_descriptors/foo assumes that the existence of files map_descriptors/foo_nodes.png and map_descriptors/foo_paths.png.

The data path tmp/foo assumes that the existence of directory tmp. The files tmp/foo_nodes.yml and tmp/foo_paths.yml are created.

Reading data from a file

ruby tasks/read_extracted_nodes_and_paths.rb tmp/foo

The data path tmp/foo assumes the existence of files tmp/foo_nodes.yml and tmp/foo_paths.yml.

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