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.Net Wrapper for Neo4j REST Interface
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Neo4jRestNet.Test updated to .net 4.5 May 2, 2013
lib Updated to new version of Newtonsoft Json Mar 19, 2012
Neo4jRestNet.sln Update to support BATCH processing. Jun 6, 2012 Update Mar 19, 2013


.Net wrapper for the Neo4j REST server


Quick Start


        <section name="neo4jRestNet" type="Neo4jRestNet.Configuration.ConnectionSettings, Neo4jRestNet" />

            <add name="neo4j" default="true" https="false" domain="localhost" port="7474" />

    <!-- Only needed if you are using the encryption class -->    
        <add key="EncryptIdKey" value="KeyForEncrypting"/>
        <add key="EncryptIdIV" value="IVForEncrypting1"/>


Get Root Node:

Node RootNode = Node.GetRootNode();

Create a Node with no Properties

Node node = Node.CreateNode();

Create a Node with Properties

Properties prop = new Properties();
prop.SetProperty(NodeProperty.FirstName, "Joe");
prop.SetProperty(NodeProperty.LastName, "Smith");
Node nodeUserWithName = Node.CreateNode(prop);

Create Relationships to Nodes

RootNode.CreateRelationshipTo(nodeUserWithName, "Likes");

Create Relationship with Properties

Properties RelProp = new Properties();
RelProp.SetProperty("CustomRelProp", "CustomPropValue");
nodeUserWithName.CreateRelationshipTo(node, "Knows", RelProp);


Get Like relationships from the Root Node

IEnumerable<Node> LikeNodes = Gremlin.Post<Node>(RootNode.Id, "out('Likes')");

Same as above

IEnumerable<Node> SameLikeNodes = Gremlin.Post<Node>(new GremlinScript(RootNode).Out(RelationshipType.Likes.ToString()));

More Gremlin example

GremlinScript script = new GremlinScript(RootNode);
        .Filter(it => it.getProperty(RelationshipProperty.Name.ToString()) == "MyRelationship");

IEnumerable<Relationship> myRelationship = Gremlin.Post<Relationship>(script);`

Gremlin returning a datatable

GremlinScript tblScript = new GremlinScript();
                .Table("t", new List<string>{ "Like" })
                .Append(" >> -1; t;");

DataTable dt = Gremlin.GetTable(tblScript);
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