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Commits on May 2, 2013
  1. updated to .net 4.5

    unknown committed May 2, 2013
Commits on Apr 18, 2013
  1. updated batch tests to include creating unique node in an index to allow

    the updating of unique key values.  this would be easier if the AddToIndex
    had the create-or-fail attribut.  this is a hack until this attribue is
    added batch SetParameter functionality
    removed obsolete index query parameters
    unknown committed Apr 18, 2013
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
  1. Update

    committed Mar 19, 2013
  2. Update

    committed Mar 19, 2013
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. Update

    committed Mar 18, 2013
  2. Updated REST api class to use the Service Root returned by

    the Neo4j Database.  This reduces the need to have several
    magic strings in code.
    unknown committed Mar 18, 2013
Commits on Mar 11, 2013
  1. updated test case

    unknown committed Mar 11, 2013
  2. Udpdate to support the unique index in 1.9.x

    unknown committed Mar 11, 2013
Commits on Aug 19, 2012
  1. Add AllElements to Cypher Return

    Create CypherReturnTest
    Updated CypherRelateTest to use CreateUnique instead of Relate
    corrected formatting of Connectioncollection source file
    unknown committed Aug 19, 2012
Commits on Aug 12, 2012
  1. Update to change Cypher command Relate to CreateUnique

    this update is supported in Neo4j V1.8M07 and greater
    unknown committed Aug 12, 2012
Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. BatchStore.cs

    Corrected format issue in Batch Insert for creating relationships
    Added check to convert Enum types to string when calling SetProperty
    removed unreachable/hidden overloaded method SetProperty
    unknown committed Aug 7, 2012
Commits on Jun 11, 2012
  1. Added

    Made Properties Enumerable so it they can be used in LINQ statements.
    committed Jun 11, 2012
  2. Added

    committed Jun 11, 2012
  3. Added

    Breaking chages
    	Moved Cypher to Neo4jRestNet.Core.CypherQuery Namespace
    	** Changed cypher Post method to Execute **
    Added Tests
    committed Jun 11, 2012
Commits on Jun 6, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'master' of

    committed Jun 6, 2012
  2. Update to support BATCH processing.

    Added neo4jRestNet config section to app.cofig file.
    refactored may methods in INode and IRelationship.
    refactored Node/Relationship to be instance objects - breaking change for older versions
    moved Cypher out of Plugin namespace since it is now core to Neo4j
    committed Jun 6, 2012
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
  1. Node.cs added methods to support long as well as EncryptedId

    Properties.cs added method Add(Properties properties)
    unknown committed Apr 23, 2012
Commits on Apr 6, 2012
  1. corrected URL sent for CleanDB pulgin

    unknown committed Apr 6, 2012
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
  1. updated Cypher Where In interface

    updated Gremlin Array interface
    unknown committed Mar 23, 2012
  2. Corrected != in Where Clause to send <>

    Added Array to Gremlin
    unknown committed Mar 23, 2012
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
  1. replaced

    Cypher.Where (always joins with And)
    Cypher.OrWhere (always joins with Or)
    deleted CypherWhereType
    unknown committed Mar 20, 2012
  2. Modfied CypherWhere to support the following calls

    cypher.Where<And>(w => w.Node....)
    cypher.Where<Or>(w => w.Node....)
    these calls are to append the where clause to an existing clause with either
    a "and" or "or" binary condition.
    Removed Where And(), Or() and NullOp() functions
    added CypherWhereType to constrain Where types.
    unknown committed Mar 20, 2012
  3. Updated to new version of Newtonsoft Json

    updated CypherProperty to support Where Clause Option Default value correctly
    Added Coalesce to Cypher Return
    Added Order enum to CypherOrderBy
    Updated ParseWhereLambda to support order of presidents with parentheses.
    Corrected GremlinScriptCommands to correctly support multiple Nodes/Relationships for
    inV, outV, inE, outE, out, in commands
    unknown committed Mar 20, 2012
Commits on Mar 5, 2012
  1. Updated usage for EncryptedId to Id where needed in Node.cs

    Removed Property parameters in Node/Relationship methods - update calls
    to use the Properties method
    Updated Properties.cs to make interface more consistant and easier to use
    for specifying return data types of properties
    Deleted CypherObject.cs
    Added CypherProperty.cs
    Corrected bug in Relationship.cs that did not init EncryptedId.
    Update CypherReturn to properly handle return data types.
    GremlinScriptCommands: prevent .back() from using paramertized values which
    was thowing an error.
    unknown committed Mar 5, 2012
Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. Added distinct to Return clause Count

    Added Count() to Retrun clause which is equal to Count("*")
    Added Node() and Where clause
    Added RegEx to Where clause to allow for case insensitive string compares
    Added To(), To(relName) to Where clause
    Added From(), From(relName) to Where clasue
    	the above three are to support the Where clause node -to/from->() snytax
    Added bool operator >=, <= in Where cypher to alow for this in linq syntax
    Added g, gV, gE methods to accept IEnumerable list for starting points in Gremlin
    unknown committed Feb 7, 2012
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. Added As to Cypher

    unknown committed Jan 28, 2012
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. Changed Date format to ISO 8601

    Updated Gremlin and Cypher to support Date format ISO 8601
    Cypher now supports Date comparisons in Where clause
    Gremline now supports Date comparisons in all clauses
    committed Jan 22, 2012
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
  1. removing some backup files

    committed Jan 18, 2012
  2. fixing checkin

    committed Jan 18, 2012
  3. Merge branch 'master' of

    committed Jan 18, 2012