Digital projects manager for Joomla! CMS™
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Digital Projects Catalog

Component provides the creation and operation of digital projects catalog (programs, files, scripts, extensions, modules, etc.) and allows you to manage their description, characteristics and provides the ability of downloads.


Component provides versioning of digital projects with the ability to specify the stability (Development, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, Stable) and changelog management.

Statistical functionality

Component includes statistical functionality with ability to track the count of downloads for each specific version.

File storage

File storage structure allows you to store files outside the root directory, which provides a high degree of protection and excludes downloading by direct link to the file, bypassing the component.

For Joomla! developers

Developers who create extensions for Joomla! CMS are provided with additional functionality for creating and running their own update server, as part of the component.


  • Convenient multilingual.
  • Duplicate pages protection
  • OpenGraph and Twitter meta.
  • Caching Joomla! Extensions Server Update Manifest.