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Font Awesome icons for UIkit 3
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JavaScript package allowing to use the FontAwesome icon set in the UIkit Framework

Getting started


You have the following options to get ukFontAwesome:

  • Download the latest release from our site
  • Install with npm npm install @septdirworkshop/ukfontawesome
  • Clone the repo git clone git://

Connect JavaScript

You can connect the following icon sets after UIkit library script:

  • uikit-fa-all-icons.js - All icon sets in one file
  • uikit-fa-brands-icons.js - Brands icon set
  • uikit-fa-regular-icons.js - Regular icon set
  • uikit-fa-solid-icons.js - Solid icon set


  • Make sure to include the UIkit and ukFontAwesome scripts
  • Select the desired icon from icons list
  • Add the uk-icon attribute with icon: NAME parameter to a <span> or <a> element in the same way as using standard UIkit icons


  • ukFontAwesome is distributed under the MIT license
  • The original Font Awesome icons license is CC BY 4.0
  • The original Font Awesome font license is SIL OFL 1.1

The original Font Awesome font created by Dave Gandy can be found at

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