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Command line and python library for Sequent Microsystems MegaIO-IND (Industrial Automation) and MegaIO-BAS (Building Automation) boards
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This is the command to control the Industrial and Building Automation I/O Expansion cards for Raspberry Pi.

Before compiling please install Wiring Pi, many thanks to Gordon Henderson for the library.


~$ git clone
~$ cd megaioind-rpi/
~/megaioind-rpi$ sudo make install

To access the functions of the Mega Now you can access all the functions of the MegaIO Industrial board through the command "megaioind".

Type megaioind -h for command options list.

If you clone the repository any update can be made with the following commands:

~$ cd megaioind-rpi/  
~/megaioind-rpi$ git pull
~/megaioind-rpi$ sudo make install

Firmware update

Now you can update board firmware with latest version from our website and for that Raspberry must be connected to internet. We recomend you to disconnect all outputs from board before update, during update outputs might change and can damage your external equipaments.

For first usage you must set the execution rights for the update program.

~$ cd megaioind-rpi/update/
~/megaioind-rpi/update$ chmod 777 update

To update you must execute the program with stack level (jumper settings) of your board

~$ cd megaioind-rpi/update/
~/megaioind-rpi/update$ ./update 0
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