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Purpose of this code

This project is something I created because I wanted to open links on my host windows machine web browser from an ssh session in putty. A friend (Darcy) suggested a node server et voilà, ForTheWindows was born. It's a node.js server that accepts requests (from curl in my case) and performs an action in windows. Currently I have url opening working (with firefox) and sending text to the windows clipboard.

The project has two main parts right now: the server and the shell tools. I use curl to send requests to the node.js server but I want it to be easy to call the functions from bash and to pipe to them, ideally. "As few dependencies as possible" and "easy to set up" are a couple guiding principals. This project is supposed to make workflow easier; if you must spend hours making things work it's a failure right out of the gate.


Send a URL to windows to be opened in a new browse (Firefox) tab


Send text to the windows clipboard. Relies on clip.exe (bundled with windows since Vista; you can download it for XP) and python on the client (for urlencoding).


  • paste
    There is no paste.exe to go with clip.exe! Leave it to MSFT, right? :p I found [this article on the subject] 1 which provides some c# code. When I've the time to get that up and running I'll include a paste.exe binary
  • file copying
    I'd like to be able to FTCopy /path/to/my/file and have it copied to my windows machine. Some security (quarantining, virus scanning (?) removing executable permissions etc) would be good here.
  • security and/or whitelisting
    Obviously opening URLs, copying to the clipboard, moving files and especially accessing the clipboard from a remote machine presents security concerns. I plan on incorporating a IP whitelist, then (ideally) implementing a "knock knock" command that could be run on the client to request access, which could be granted for the session on the server.
  • Vim integration There is a plugin called fakeclip that looks like it would work well for this. I plan to set a config variable in vimrc to tell it to not use system specific functions for read/write but FTWin. I would like to get paste working first.
  • Modularize functions Make each JS function its own file that autoloads, so everything is an extension. Possibly do this for the bash side as well.


Do stuff on windows thru node.js






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