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##AFONIGIZER build status This is a bookmarklet that obsures ("afonigizes") people's identities on facebook and google+ (sort of google+, haven't been testing) for screenshots.

###Use Get the bookmarklet here To build it yourself, put the script and the code below in an link href, but wrap the doIt call in void().

If you want to run it in your browser's console paste the following things:

  • afongizer.js into your console in Firefox, Chrome, or Opera
  • var afonigizer = afonigizer || new Afonigizer;
  • afonigizer.doIt()

###Tests To run tests, you must have nodejs and npm installed

  • Clone the repo
  • npm install
  • npm test

###Known issues

  • comments & posts not afonigized in google+, I can't figure how to handle the dynamic classnames


  • Better randomize function (aquire from underscore)


  • i18n support!!
  • grunt.js ... I don't always keep the minified file & bookmarklet page up to date currently
  • decoupling site/language configs from module (I'll probably leave English/Facebook as a default)
  • divorce DOM stuff from afonigizing business logic
  • Remove site configs
  • Allow other configurations to be loaded
  • Allow other "common words" to be loaded
  • Afonigizer "mode": updates page as new domnodes are loaded (see throttle branch)
  • "Settings": only first names, only last names, pics or not etc.