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This extension links some JSONSchemas to Loopback configuration files.

ℹ️ Schemas used by this plugin can be found here. Please do not file schema bugs on this repo!! This repo is just for the plugin. 😸 File schema bugs here.

Currently implemented schemas

  1. model-config.json
  2. model-config.json
  3. datasources.json
  4. config.json
  5. middleware.json
  6. Model definitions (/common/models/customer.json etc.)

Check the package.json.contibutes.jsonValidation for the actual configurations.


Code hints

The plugin prompts you as you type

demo of code hinting

Green Squiggles

If you have a mismatched type or missing property, you'll get a green squiggle underline

demo of green squiggles on problems


Hit ctrl+space to be shown available properties

ctrl+space demo

It also works for enum types

ctrl+space demo for enumerated type


You can click links to read extended documentation

clicking links from tooltip