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A (Xe)LaTeX template for Bachelor's Thesis at Zhejiang University (ZJU)
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ReadMe (unicode).txt

	|	A Dissertation Template for Zhejiang University Bachelor's Degree	|
	|				Read Me File					|
	|			 Jingshan Du 杜竞杉 '15 CKC/MSE				|
	| (thanks to ZJUIT this works forever)	|
  1. Introduction
1.1 What is this

	This is a TeX template that you can use to complete your Bachelor's Dissertation (Thesis).
	It is best used if you write in English.
	It works under XeLaTeX to handle unicode (for inevitably used Chinese characters).

1.2 Why I created this

	I wrote my BS thesis in 2015 in English.
	My department (Mat Sci Eng) is way too strict about formatting and they even have a complete booklet of guidance.
	All the templates I know just cannot do it well.
	I want to keep things simple --that's why I wrote all the formats in main.tex rather than creating a cls file.
	Apparently this is derived from my own thesis which seems to have worked well --at least in terms of format.
2. Formatting
2.1 Accordance

	Be aware the format in this template generally accords with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (now the School of).
	Original guidline can be found at
	Although I was reluctant to take many of the formatting requirements (which are so bad in terms of formatting), I have to do that otherwise they won't accept it...
2.2 Differences
	Some formats are bit of different from the guidline, which are listed as below.
	1) English Abstract before the Chinese one.
	2) Flexible spacing before Chapter name.
	3) Captions: If single line, centered; If multiple lines, justified.
	4) "This page intentionally left blank"
	5) No publication page. I think this is a really bad practice to put such a thing in a dissertation although in China most people do it. However if you wish you can build one.
	6) Other details due to the philosophical differences of LaTeX from MS Word.
3. Licensing and Other Information
This template is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL v2), which can be obtained at

Part of the formatting codes are adapted from naoz's template for College of EE. Great thanks to naoz although I still don't know who this kind person is.

Visit my website to download another copy!

Final words: I don't think I will update this template because I have GRADUATED!
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