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PayPal Access for node.js

This example shows how to integrate PayPal's open identity solution PayPal Access into an existing node.js that leverages the web framework Express.js & the templating engine Jade.

PayPal offers two flows right now - OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0. This example leverages OpenID Connect to provide session management functionality.

This is intended as an orientation / helper to integrate PayPal Access in other projects.

How it works

Basically the file app.js creates a webserver which provides six different endpoints:

  • / - this is just a plain index site that provides a button for the actual login
  • /auth - this endpoint redirects the user to PayPal and enables him to login
  • /authz - this is the callback url that will be used by PayPal to deliver the requested authorization token
  • /refresh - the current tokens can be refreshed here
  • /validate - use this url to check the validity of your tokens
  • /logout - used to end the current session

PayPal's endpoints

PayPal offers five different endpoints for the OpenID Connect flow which provide different functionality:

These endpoints use the same base url:


To use the different endpoints the helper already provides five methods:

  • authorize
  • getProfile
  • validateToken
  • refreshToken
  • logout

To use these methods you'll have to pass the response and a callback-function like this:

getProfile(res, function(status, body) {
  console.log('status: ' + status);


Tim Messerschmidt - PayPal Developer Evangelist -