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Version: 1.00

Author: Vassilis Serasidis Home: email:

This sketch uses the UIPEthernet library (ENC28J60 ethernet shield). You can use the W5100 ethernet shield just by changing the line:

#include <UIPEthernet.h> to #include <Ethernet.h>

  • Create your own data stream (
  • You can mark your data as public or private during the data stream creation.
  • Replace PUBLIC_KEY and PRIVATE_KEY with those sparkfun gave you
  • Replace the data names "humidity", "maxTemp" etc on sendToSparkfunDataServer() with those you set to sparkfun data stream creation.
  • You can view online or download your data as CSV or JSON file via + YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY

Send an example data stream with values 25.81, 26.94 and 14.48. GET /input/WGGWNZLKGOFAzyLwLOzQ?private_key=XRRmzj9YR2iXzjnKn6zR&humidity=25.81&maxTemp=26.94&nowTemp=14.48

View the example data stream on web browser