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Usability testing

This document contains use cases given to subject persons in usability testing.

Take this list with you and the test person, then read out loud each task one by one and observer what the user does.

  1. Imagine you live in Soukka, a part of Espoo. Your home address is Alakaupinkuja 1A!, 02360 Espoo. What is your home library and what is its address?

  2. It says on your library card that you can lend from all Helmet-libraries. How many are there of them? Answer with the amount.

  3. There is a book you want that is available only from a library called "Entresse". Where is it? What is its address?

  4. What public transportation comes close to Entresse? Does this service inform where the nearest bus stop is?

  5. Is Entresse now open? If it is, when will it close today? If not, when will it open next time?

  6. Where in Espoo can you find a library that has a microfilm reading device?

  7. What is the fax number to the Pasila library in Helsinki?

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