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Serenity Operating System
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AK printf: Support printing negative values with %f or %g. Jun 18, 2019
Applications PaintBrush: Make spray circular. Jun 17, 2019
Base LibHTML: Basic element attribute parsing. Jun 15, 2019
Demos Demos: Import Fire demo contributed by "pd". Jun 12, 2019
DevTools/VisualBuilder AK: Rename JsonObject::to_string() and pals to serialized(). Jun 18, 2019
Documentation Documentation: RIP the short-lived coding style May 28, 2019
Games Meta: Tweak .clang-format to not wrap braces after enums. Jun 7, 2019
Kernel AK: Move IPv4Address from Kernel/Net/ to AK/ since it's quite useful. Jun 18, 2019
LibC AK: Add some classes for JSON encoding. Jun 17, 2019
LibCore AK: Move IPv4Address from Kernel/Net/ to AK/ since it's quite useful. Jun 18, 2019
LibGUI Merge pull request #173 from faissaloo/serenity-keys Jun 16, 2019
LibHTML LibHTML: Add a Frame class, start fleshing out recursive layout. Jun 16, 2019
LibM LibM: Rewrite trigonometric functions. Jun 17, 2019
Meta Meta: Time for a new screenshot to keep things fresh. :^) Jun 7, 2019
Ports Ports: Add 'figlet' port. Jun 9, 2019
Servers WindowServer: Remove unused WSWindowManager::m_windows hash table. Jun 18, 2019
SharedGraphics Color: Add setters for the red, green and blue components. Jun 16, 2019
Shell Shell: Implement more advanced globbing. Jun 14, 2019
Toolchain Toolchain: Oops, let's unbreak May 20, 2019
Userland Userland: Add wc program (#228) Jun 16, 2019
.clang-format Meta: Tweak .clang-format to not wrap braces after enums. Jun 7, 2019
.gitignore LookupServer: Load hostnames Jun 7, 2019
.travis.yml Make sure the CI has qemu-utils installed. Jun 4, 2019
LICENSE Let's go with a 2-clause BSD license. Apr 15, 2019
Makefile.common Only the kernel needs to build with default includes disabled. May 16, 2019 Meta: Time for a new screenshot to keep things fresh. :^) Jun 7, 2019


Graphical Unix-like operating system for x86 computers.

Travis CI status


I always wondered what it would be like to write my own operating system, but I never took it seriously. Until now.

Serenity is a love letter to '90s user interfaces, with a custom Unix-like core. It flatters with sincerity by stealing beautiful ideas from various other systems.

Roughly speaking, the goal is a marriage between the aesthetic of late-1990s productivity software and the power-user accessibility of late-2000s *nix. This is a system by me, for me, based on the things I like.

If you like some of the same things, you are welcome to join the project. It would be great to one day change the above to say "this is a system by us, for us, based on the things we like." :^)

I regularly post raw hacking sessions and demos on my YouTube channel.

Sometimes I write about about the system on my blog.

There's also a Patreon if you would like to show some support that way.


Screenshot as of 191112e

Current features

  • Pre-emptive multitasking
  • Multithreading
  • Compositing window server
  • IPv4 networking with ARP, TCP, UDP and ICMP
  • ext2 filesystem
  • Unix-like libc and userland
  • POSIX signals
  • Shell with pipes and I/O redirection
  • mmap()
  • /proc filesystem
  • Local sockets
  • Pseudoterminals (with /dev/pts filesystem)
  • Event loop library (LibCore)
  • High-level GUI library (LibGUI)
  • Visual GUI design tool
  • PNG format support
  • Text editor
  • IRC client
  • DNS lookup
  • Desktop games: Minesweeper and Snake
  • Ports system (needs more packages!)
  • Other stuff I can't think of right now...

How do I build and run this?

Make sure you have all the dependencies installed:

sudo apt install libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev libgmp-dev e2fsprogs qemu-system-i386 qemu-utils

Go into the Toolchain/ directory and run the script. Then source the script to put the i686-pc-serenity toolchain in your $PATH.

Once you've done both of those, go into the Kernel directory, then run ./, and if nothing breaks too much, take it for a spin by using ./run.


Come chat in #serenityos on the Freenode IRC network.



Feel free to append yourself here if you've made some sweet contributions. :)


Serenity is licensed under a 2-clause BSD license.

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