Remake of classical roguelike game Ragnarok (Valhalla). Game story is based on scandinavian mythology and sagas. Graphical interface: tile-based graphics and isometric view.
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NorseWorld: Ragnarok

Copyright (c) 2002-2008, Alchemist Team

The development of this game was begun at november 2002, as remake of Ragnarok game, created in 1992-1995 by Thomas Boyd and Robert Vawter.

In this roguelike-game, created on base of scandinavian mythology, you are brave viking, who must help the aces (the gods) to win in Ragnarok - the final battle against evil. This battle will determine the fate of nine worlds.

You begin in your village and can choose between the ways of viking warrior, woodsman, blacksmith, alchemist, conjurer or sage. Each way is different from others and has its own advantages and disadvantages, each new game is totally unique: worlds and their levels, lands, creatures, items and even merchants are randomly generated.

Playing the game you will pass through Midgard - the world of mortals, visit Jotenheim - the land of giants-jotuns, and Nidavellir - the labyrinth of caves, populated strange creatures, come down in dwarven great caves; you have a chance to visit lands, created by gods and greatest of ancient wizards, get through terrible Niflheim - the world of deads and search the mighty artifacts of the gods. Then you'll go to Asgard - the world of gods, to take part in final battle against powers of evil.

Common features

  • 6 player classes: viking, woodsman, blacksmith, sage, conjurer and alchemist.
  • More than 150 creature races.
  • More than 200 item types.
  • More than 230 different magic effects.
  • More than 15 dynamically generated different worlds and 110 levels.
  • Possibility to add new story branches, levels, creatures, items and artifacts.
  • Complex game database editor (all game space objects and their attributes are available).
  • Built-in script language, allowing write additional handlers on any game events (after transfer from Java to C # temporarily does not work, need a replacement).
  • Support operating systems MS Windows and Linux (temporarily not worked out for C#).
  • Flat tiles and isometric views of design.
  • Support for Russian and English (the correctness of the English localization ~90%).
  • Possibility to change side for evil.


Project, coding and graphics processing:

  • Sergey Zhdanovskih (aka Alchemist, aka Norseman)

Manuals, graphics, audio, testing and support:

  • Dmitry Buzhinsky (Bu)
  • Gleb Buzhinsky (Quiet)

Dungeons generator development, FOV algoritm debugging:

  • Ruslan Garipov (Brigadir)

FOV algoritm improvement:

  • Dmitry Buzhinsky (Bu)

Linux-release and GUI-engine improvements:

  • Aerton