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Gotapdance CLI version


After downloading Golang, TD and dependencies:

   cd ${GOPATH:-~/go}/src/github.com/sergeyfrolov/gotapdance/cli # works even if GOPATH is not set
   go build -a .


Simply run


to listen to local connections on default 10500 port.

Then, you'll have a few options:

Configure HTTP proxy

You will need to ask your particular application(e.g. browser) to use as HTTP proxy. In Firefox (both mobile and desktop) I prefer to type about:config into address line and set the following:

network.proxy.http_port = 10500
network.proxy.http =
network.proxy.ssl_port = 10500
network.proxy.ssl =
network.proxy.type = 1

To disable proxying you may simply set network.proxy.type back to 5 or 0.

The same settings are available in Firefox GUI: Preferences->Advanced->Network->Settings

Configure ssh SOCKS proxy

If you have access to some ssh server, say socksserver, you can set up ssh SOCKS tunnel. First, modify and add the following to .ssh/config:

Host socksserver-td
Hostname 123.456.789.012
User cookiemonster
ProxyCommand nc -X connect -x %h %p

then run ssh -D1234 socksserver-td -4

Now in Firefox you could just go to Preferences->Advanced->Network->Settings and set SOCKSv5 host to localhost:1234.

Some utilities use following enivoronment variables:

export https_proxy=
export http_proxy=
wget https://twitter.com

Most of the popular utilities also have a flag to specify a proxy.