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Welcome to the CCore wiki!

CCore is a development platform. Its primary purpose is a real-time embedded development, but it also a great platform for a usual host development.

CCore gives a more professional language support for C++11 development, than a standard C++ library, with greater attention to details of implementation, efficiency, robustness and derivability. It is also more "encyclopedic".

Another important CCore mission: it opens the power of C++11 to the system development. It also eliminates borders between system and application development, bringing methods, custom to system development, to the application level and back. It also provides a great support for the network and distributed development.

CCore introduces number of new technologies, including

  1. PTP -- new network protocol, and descendants,
  2. DDL -- data definition language, substitution for XML,
  3. Packets -- system-level infrastructure for mass asynchronous request processing,
  4. and much more....

You can find more information inside the project tree. The root contains the file index.html, which is the root of the extensive html documentation, supplied with the project. The first two sections: Introduction and Installation, should be red to start working with CCore.

14 December 2012. Release 1.02 is ready.

27 January 2013. [Release 1.03 is ready] (wiki/Release-1.03).

3 May 2013. [Release 1.04 is ready] (wiki/Release-1.04).

19 July 2013. [Release 1.05 is ready] (wiki/Release-1.05)

30 August 2013. [Release 1.06 is ready] (wiki/Release-1.06)

28 February 2014. [Release 1.07 is ready] (wiki/Release-1.07)

31 January 2014. [Release 1.08 is ready] (wiki/Release-1.08)

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