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Numeric bookmarks extension for Visual Studio
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VSBookmarks is a numeric bookmarks extension for Visual Studio.

Provides up to nine enumerated bookmarks for every text editor tab. All of them are accessible by shortcuts or via a context-menu (right-click and see for VSBookmark submenu).

  • Ctrl-Shift-[1..9] - set, change or remove a bookmark (you will see an appropriate digit on the left margin of the editor area);
  • Ctrl-[1..9] - go to a previously set bookmark.

If some of these shortcuts are already used by any other global commands VSBookmark won't be able to hook them. In this case the following wiil help:

  • go to Tools -> Customize -> <Keyboard...> button;
  • type in a filter “VSBookmarks” (without quotes);
  • choose a command that relates to unavailable shortcut;
  • assign a shortcut.

VSBookmarks can be installed via Visual Studio or downloaded at Marketplace.

Version history

1.2 Fixed: Can't type left curly bracket using german keyboard layout

1.3 Added: Visual Studio 2015 support

1.4 Fixed: Exception when editing T4 Text Templates

1.5 Added: Visual Studio 2017 support

1.6 Fixed: Errors in Visual Studio 2015

1.7 Added: Visual Studio 2019 support

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