A JavaScript/CSS component picker, native JavaScript and CSS transitions.
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Component Picker

A JavaScript/CSS component picker, with native JS and CSS transitions.

This can be used as datepicker, component picker or whatever you pass into it. It can me multiple or simple.
Here you can see a demo from this repository.

Usage in the Browser

// simple Picker
var picker = new ComponentPicker(element, dataArray);
picker.onChange(function(value, i){
	console.log('I changed to ', value);

// Date picker: see example below


var picker = new ComponentPicker(element, data array _OR_ range string);
  • element, a element from the DOM where the picker will build its home
  • data, this can be a array with the text to be inserted, or a string with the format of 2020-2030 so the picker will loop the numbers from 2020 to 2030, inserting them as the content for the picker.


  • onChange, this method accepts a callback function receiving the value and the index of the new position.
  • getValue, to get the current displayed value.
  • setValue, to set the ComponentPicker value. If the value passed does not exist will ignore the action silently.


The DatePicker Class is a 3-in-1 ComponentPicker, specialized in picking dates. It has the option to pad numbers so we always have 2 case numbers.


new DatePicker(datepickerTarget, ['2015-2025', '1-12', '1-31']).onChange(listener);


var picker = new DatePicker(element, data array _OR_ range string <, options>);


  • pad, to add a zero for numbers under 10. Defaults to false.


If you make changes to the src/ folder and want to export CSS and JavaScript (as ES5 JavaScript) into the lib/ folder you can do this in the command line:

$ npm run build


  • optional button for callback (like "done", or "set", in bottom)
  • maybe in the future the axis can be configurable, so it works in horizontal also.