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SELibrary is a collection of utility methods and category extensions that I'm standardizing on. This should evolve into a toolset of well-documented and -tested code to accelerate future developments.

At a Glance

Contained are several category methods

  • NSString+SEAdditions - various utility methods for strings
  • NSDate+SEAdditions - various utility methods for dates
  • UIImage+SEAdditions - various utility methods for images
  • UIColor+SEAdditions - various utility methods for colors
  • NSThread+SEAdditions - various utility methods to provide block execution funcionality
  • NSException+SEAdditions - various utility methods for exceptions
  • NSFileManager+SEAdditions - methods to retrieve standard applications folders
  • UIDevice+SEAdditions - helper methods to retrieve device properties
  • UIScreen+SEAdditions - helper methods to retrieve screen properties

Other classes simplify common tasks

  • SELogging - common logging and assert macros that are enable/disable in DEBUG/RELEASE builds
  • SEAppDelegate - app delegate implementation using a "service" approach.
  • SETableViewCell - comon code to loading tableviewcell from nib files.
  • SEBorderView - a view that allows to define a border.


Documentation is being generated using the AppleDoc tool. If you build the Documentation target it will automatic added the information to your XCode documentation library.


The SELibrary.framework is using the "Fake Framework" template put together by Karl Stenerud. If your app does not use ARC yet (but SELibrary does) then you also need the -fobjc-arc linker flag.

  1. Include the SELibrary in your project.
  2. Import the SELibrary in your PCH file or include the individual header files where needed.
  3. Add -ObjC to "Other Linker Flags".
  4. In your application target's Build Phases: Link Binary With Libraries phase add the following:
    • CoreGraphics.framework
    • ImageIO.framework
    • QuartzCore.framework
    • SystemConfiguration.framework


Sergio Estevao


SELibrary is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.