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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "sqlite3.h"
@class FMDatabase;
@class FMStatement;
@interface FMResultSet : NSObject {
FMDatabase *parentDB;
FMStatement *statement;
NSString *query;
NSMutableDictionary *columnNameToIndexMap;
BOOL columnNamesSetup;
+ (id) resultSetWithStatement:(FMStatement *)statement usingParentDatabase:(FMDatabase*)aDB;
- (void) close;
- (NSString *)query;
- (void)setQuery:(NSString *)value;
- (FMStatement *)statement;
- (void)setStatement:(FMStatement *)value;
- (void)setParentDB:(FMDatabase *)newDb;
- (BOOL) next;
- (BOOL) hasAnotherRow;
- (int) columnIndexForName:(NSString*)columnName;
- (NSString*) columnNameForIndex:(int)index;
- (int) intForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (int) intForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (long) longForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (long) longForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (long long int) longLongIntForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (long long int) longLongIntForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (BOOL) boolForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (BOOL) boolForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (double) doubleForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (double) doubleForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (NSString*) stringForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (NSString*) stringForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (NSDate*) dateForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (NSDate*) dateForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (NSData*) dataForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (NSData*) dataForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
If you are going to use this data after you iterate over the next row, or after you close the
result set, make sure to make a copy of the data first (or just use dataForColumn:/dataForColumnIndex:)
If you don't, you're going to be in a world of hurt when you try and use the data.
- (NSData*) dataNoCopyForColumn:(NSString*)columnName;
- (NSData*) dataNoCopyForColumnIndex:(int)columnIdx;
- (BOOL) columnIndexIsNull:(int)columnIdx;
- (BOOL) columnIsNull:(NSString*)columnName;
- (void) kvcMagic:(id)object;