A wrapper over WiFi, MQTT and OTA for ESP8266
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A wrapper over Wifi and MQTT.


For details using SettingsManager please see the read.me file.


ESPManager(<string spiffConfFile>, <int mqttQOS>, <boolean sendStatus>);

  • Initialise MQTT;
  • Reading settings from SPIFFS;
  • Configure WIFI as station;


addOutputEventHandler(<string mqttTopic>, <long intervalToSubmit>, <function executeFn> ) Will execute the executeFn in interval of intervalToSubmit and submit the returned value to mqttTopic topic;

  • mqttTopic a string with mqtt topic;
  • intervalToSubmit time to delay until next function trigger;
  • executeFn a function which returns the string that will be sent over MQTT;

executeFn(String const & topic, SettingsManager & settings)


addInputEventHandler(<string mqttTopic>, <function onCall>) Creates a listener on a specific MQTT topic and will execute the onCall when something has been submitted;

  • mqttTopic a string with MQTT topic;
  • onCall a void function;

onCall(String const & msg, SettingsManager & settings)

  • msg message received on MQTT;
  • settings settings object(see SettingsManager);


createConnections() Creates connections and starts the process.