JavaScript functions for RaiBlocks node/wallet management via RPC commands
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JavaScript functions for RaiBlocks node/wallet management via RPC commands

Optimized for 7.9.0 version
If your node/wallet version < 7.6.0 use file versions uploaded before 15/01/2017

  • rai.rpc.js contains very basic RPC request tool + all RPC commands as JS functions
  • rai.core.js contains all RPC commands as JS functions merged with rai.rpc.js
  • rai.extended.js contains some extended functions not available in current RPC implementation
  • contains requests to website
  • sample.html RaiBlocksJS tech demo wallet skeleton

Usage sample


var [connection_name] = new Rai([host]); // create connection
var answer_1 = [connection_name].[action_1]([parameters_1]); // RPC action_1 with parameters_1
var answer_2 = [connection_name].[action_2]([parameters_2]); // RPC action_2 with parameters_2

sample 1

var rai = new Rai(); // default connection to localhost
var blocks = rai.block_count(); // receive block count
var weight = rai.account_weight('xrb_35jjmmmh81kydepzeuf9oec8hzkay7msr6yxagzxpcht7thwa5bus5tomgz9');
// recieve weight of official faucet account

sample 2

var rai_example = new Rai('https://example.tld:5867'); // connection to sample host with HTTPS and different port
var generate = rai_example.work_generate('A703C82F08B1F2A61BDC3254D992025FE9D9566BD9FFDE19535D781BFE79BF92');
// generates work for block
var weight = rai_example.chain('A703C82F08B1F2A61BDC3254D992025FE9D9566BD9FFDE19535D781BFE79BF92', 64);
// retrieve chain of block (up to 64 blocks)

Currrent limitations

  • Impossible to retrieve wallet id via RPC. Replace var wallet in sample.html

Show RPC improvenment progress here:

External libraries used