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SDK for Ticketmaster API
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Ticketmaster API: SDK for .NET

GitHub license

The Ticketmaster .NET SDK contains projects with the implementation of easy access to API endpoints. For more detailed information about the API and to get your API key head here. This SDK supports Discovery v2.


Hi everyone, please, left a feedback about this project or about components. It will help me to improve this library. You can do this in any way you like:

  • Send me email.
  • Write to me in Skype.
  • Contact me in Linkedin.

Details you can find in 'Authors' section below.


The solution contains different projects


Setup IClientConfig

The implementation of interfaces, the clients, in sdk required to resolve ClientConfig and pass them like a parameter into constructor. It have ConsumerKey property what is the Consumer Key for ticketmaster api. And ApiRootUrl what should be

    public interface IClientConfig
        string ConsumerKey { get; }
        string ApiRootUrl { get; }

Simple usage of EventsClient

  var config = Substitute.For<IClientConfig>();

  var restClient = new RestClient(config.ApiRootUrl);

  var eventsApiClient = new EventsClient(client, config);
  var result = await _sut.SearchEventsAsync(new SearchEventsRequest());

The requests classes and BaseQuery class.

The Discovery API can accept query parameters for different endpoints. To allow pass this query parameters was created BaseQuery which have QueryParameters property.

For adding this parameters you just need create new instance of IDiscoveryApiRequest, IDiscoveryApiGetRequest interface. In this solution we have implementations for this interfaces. The SearchAttractionsRequest, SearchClassificationsRequest, SearchEventsRequest, SearchVenuesRequest classes. Use method AddQueryParameter to add query properties, the rules described in Method description for Api. The Example for Search Events method is:

var request = new SearchAttractionsRequest();
request.AddQueryParameter(QueryParameters paremeter, string value);


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

Our Team


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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