ROBOTIS-OP3 following demo using openpose_ros
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ROBOTIS-OP3 motion following demo using openpose_ros

1. Overview

The motion following demo uses openpose which is available as a ROS package.
| Reference : openpose
| Reference : openpose_ros
As the openpose is based on machine learning algorithm, additional PC with nVidia GPU will be required in order to process the algorithm for ROBOTIS-OP3.
Please refer to below configuration for the motion following demo. System Structure

This demo will manipulate arm roll and elbow joint in order to imitate the skeleton recognized via camera.

2. How to set and install

  1. How to set
  1. How to install
    Update to the latest source code for ROBOTIS-GIT/ROBOTIS-OP3(direct_control_module is required)

  • external PC

    1. Install openpose

    2. Install openpose_ros
      It's modified since original source code does not present skeleton image.

    3. Install robotis_op3_following_motion

      $ cd ~/catkin_ws/src  
      $ git clone  
      $ cd ~/catkin_ws  
      $ catkin_make  

3. How to run

  1. Run op3_manager in ROBOTIS-OP3
$ roslaunch op3_manager op3_manager.launch
  1. Run usb_cam_node in ROBOTIS-OP3
$ roslaunch ball_detector ball_detector_from_usb_cam.launch
  1. Run openpose_ros_node and robotis_op3_following_motion_node in external PC
$ roslaunch robotis_op3_following_motion openpose_op3.launch

4. How to operate

Control with buttons on the back

  • mode button : Init pose for demo and start the Motion Following demo
  • start button : Pause demo / Resume Demo
  • user button : Stop Demo and return to ROBOTIS-OP3 init pose.