SourceMod plugin that aims to recreate HL1/Quake-like bunnyhopping.
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RealBhop is a SourceMod plugin that aims to recreate HL1/Quake-like bunnyhopping.

Note that this plugin was created and tested for CS:GO only.


sm_realbhop uses the AutoExecCommand() function to create its config file in the csgo/cfg/sourcemod folder: sm_realbhop.cfg

Please note: This plugin uses frame based calculations, so the config values depend on the server's tickrate. The default values are suitable for relatively easy bhopping on 128-tick servers.

This plugin uses three cvars to control how it works:


Sets whether RealBhop is enabled.

Default: true


Sets the maximum number of frames the bhop calculation is active after touching the ground.

Default: 12

Minimum: 1

Example: If the player lands and jumps again after less than or equal to sm_realbhop_maxbhopframes frames, RealBhop's velocity calculation will be used. If the player jumps after more thansm_realbhop_maxbhopframes frames, the game's velocity calculation will be used. In the case of CS:GO, this means the player's velocity will be set to the running speed of the equipped weapon.

Setting this value to 1 will effectively disable the mod, since this means the player would have to get every bhop perfectly, in which case you wouldn't need this mod. ;)


Sets the velocity penalty multiplier per frame the player jumped too late.

Default: 0.975

Minimum: 0.0

This setting might need a longer explanation:

In CS:GO, if a player does not jump exactly one frame after landing, the player's velocity will be set back to his weapon's running speed, effectively destroying any speed gains from airstrafing. (This happpens with disabled stamina system, with stamina it's even worse.)

In games with proper bunnyhopping the player wouldn't be instantly set to running speed, but decelerate over time to it. This means the player loses a bit of speed for every frame he jumped too late. With good airstrafing he still would be able to make this loss up and gain speed in the end.

By calculating the difference between the velocity the player had while landing and the velocity he has when jumping (after CS:GO has set him back to running speed) and boosting him by exactly that amount this plugin effectively disables the speed loss completely.

By just doing that, the player wouldn't be punished for delayed jumping, so this cvar defines the multiplier that the boost velocity will be multiplied to once for every frame the player jumped too late:

[new velocity] = [velocity on jump] + (([landing velocity] - [velocity on jump]) * framepenalty^FramesTooLate)

With the default settings, the player loses 2.5% of his velocity per frame, for example.

A good config takes the tickrate, sv_airaccelerate and this cvar into account.

Further config tips

To make the bhopping experience really good, please disable the stamina system in your config:

sv_staminajumpcost 0.0

sv_staminalandcost 0.0

Furthermore activate the internal cvar sm_enablebunnyhopping with the help of the sm_cvar command:

sm_cvar sv_enablebunnyhopping 1