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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 29, 2023. It is now read-only.


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Image Survey

Coverage Status lint-and-test

Do qualitative image comparison surveys where 2 image variants are compared, either against each other or against an original.

Example screenshot of the comparison UI.


For the backend:

  • python 3.7 or newer, and pip
  • sqlite 3.24.0 or newer

For the frontend:

  • nodejs
  • npm or yarn

Alternatively, all dependencies are included when using docker and docker-compose with the provided files.


First, pull the repository.

git pull ''

Next, add your images to the image-files folder. A readme file is provided in the folder on naming conventions.

Then, go to the ui folder, copy the file .env to .env.local, then modify .env.local to customize the UI and fit your setup.


First, enter the /etc directory, copy image-survey.sample.yaml as image-survey.yaml, and change the line AUTH_SECRET to some random value. Please do not modify any other option.

A docker-compose.yaml file is provided for your convenience. You can use this file to build and run the service by running the following command:

docker-compose up -d

Alternatively, you can build and run the container directly. To do so, run the following command to build the container.

docker build . --tag 'image-survey:1.0' --tag 'image-survey:latest'

You can then use the following command to run the service:

docker run -v etc/:/etc/image-survey/ -v image-files/:/image-files/ -v database/:/database image-survey:latest

Either way, the service will now be available at http://localhost:8000. You can change which port the service is located at by modifying docker-compose.yaml if using docker-compose, or changing -p 8000:8000.


First, install Then run the following command and the top level directory

poetry install

Next, build the UI, inside the ui directory.

npm install # or yarn
npm run build # or yarn build

Finally, run the service. At the top level directory:

poetry run image-survey


If you are working on modifying this codebase, you can follow these commands to set up your development environment.

poetry install
poetry run image-survey

# In a different terminal
cd ui
yarn start

Yarn starts a development server to serve the UI, make sure to use that so that you see any changes you make to the UI without having to do a full rebuild.

Use the script misc/ to automatically format and lint your code.

Add tests under the tests/ folder. You can run tests and get coverage reports using:

poetry run coverage run -m ward
poetry run coverage report