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Objective-C 1 1,726


forked from magicalpanda/MagicalRecord

Super Awesome Easy Fetching for Core Data 1!!!11!!!!1!

Updated Mar 7, 2012

Objective-C 2 16


forked from jeena/JPImagePickerController

An attempt to copy the apples UIImagePickerController for the iPhone with dataSource methods so you can use it for remote and in app images.

Updated Jan 14, 2012

Objective-C 2 0


Updated Jan 12, 2012

Objective-C 1 86


forked from lucascorrea/SCFacebook

The SCFacebook is a simpler and cleaner to use the api facebook-ios-sdk Objective-C ( to perform login, get friends list, information about the user and posting on the wall with ^Block for iPhone.

Updated Jan 10, 2012

Objective-C 1 2,984


forked from jdg/MBProgressHUD

MBProgressHUD + Customizations

Updated Jan 4, 2012

Objective-C 1 2,215


forked from facebook/facebook-ios-sdk

Facebook SDK for iOS

Updated Jan 3, 2012

Objective-C 2 43


forked from tylerneylon/moriarty

A collection of useful Objective-C and iOS classes.

Updated Dec 29, 2011

Objective-C 1 68


forked from netshade/Cocoa-Touch-Barcodes

Fork of Jeff Lamarche's original barcode generator library at

Updated Mar 28, 2011

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