Assets 4

This was a long time coming.

I've updated the HD code to the latest UQM Git which was on its way to becoming 0.8.0. So I've taken the liberty of making it 0.8.0, with a twist.

Along with updating the code, slapping my edits onto it, and including bugfixes and features from several other mods I've tweaked the UI to match more faithfully to the original game.

It's a lot to list out so I made a few comparison shots and uploaded them over on the Sourceforge site. Along with a giant list of code edits in the Features section.

Have fun with the new generation of The Ur-Quan Masters.

The macOS version supports Lion (10.7) to High Sierra (10.13).
The Windows version should support WinXP to Win10.

A detailed FAQ for installing the optional content on macOS is available on the Sourceforge site.