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@Serosis Serosis released this Sep 28, 2018 · 163 commits to master since this release

Brief Changelog

  • 3DO Videos now scaled in HD (Thanks to SlightlyIntelligentMonkey)
  • New custom seed system in place to allow for randomizing of solar systems
  • New custom border frame system to allow for reskinning of the UI (Thanks to SlightlyIntelligentMonkey for inspiration)
  • Intersect point to transition to orbit is now the outer edge of the planet in HD
  • Removed all reference to HD-2x graphics and added resolution scaling to HD-4x to replace it
  • Fixed networking support for Windows
  • Enhanced contrast for the settings menu colors
  • Fixed a bug where the Slylandro Probes would crash the game when they speak their point of origin coordinates
  • Tons of internal housekeeping to clean the code up a bit

The Windows installer can download all the packages you need automatically, but for any other version you can head on over to the BonePit and pick out your packages manually under Optional Content

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