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Serubin's DotFiles

The purpose of this dotfiles configuration is to create a lightweight and easy to understand configuration. This was largely created as a multi-platform alternative to OhMyZsh. Personally - I found OhMyZsh to be very overwhelming and more focused on using other's configuration than customizing things to be my own. Thus, I created a framework that allows for two things: Easy management of dotfiles and a simple configuration that anyone could fork and modify to their liking.

Of course, you'll find within this repository my personal configuration: Although it may not be to everyone's liking I think it's a very solid foundation to creating a comfortable and mostly bug free development environment. A lot of the issues people run into when setting up their own dev-envs have already been solved here. An excellent example of this is getting colored nvim to work in tmux.

Whether you use this as a resource for creating your own dotfiles or you use this configuration and make it your own, I hope that you find it helpful and will consider contributing.


Installing is fairly straight forward, just clone the repo and place it anywhere and use the install script provided.

git clone --recursive && cd dotfiles && ./

To update run ./ -u To install without interactivity run ./ -i <package1,package2> (Still in progress) To list installed packages run ./ -l In order to change the location of the installation you will have to re-run the install script with ./

OS Support

  • OS X (with brew)
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Arch
  • Fedora

The install script takes care of all the pre-requists excluding git, bash, lsb-release, and sudo. However this only works with OSX, Arch, Debian, and Ubuntu (for the moment).

For all linux distributions The script will not be able to detect your os without lsb-release, make sure to install it

In OS X the script will install brew and all needed components.

General overview

Settings in ~/


  • Custom Themeing
  • Set in
  • Aliases (listed in packages/shell/common/run/.alias)
  • Functions to make life easy (listed in packages/shell/common/run/.function)


  • Custom Themeing
  • Set in
  • Autocompletion while typing
  • dynamic syntax highlighting


  • Up to date! (Mostly looking at debian/ubuntu)
  • Global ignore
  • Git Aliases (listed in packages/cli/git/config/.gitconfig)


  • "Smart" features
  • Shortcuts
  • Line numbers
  • Intelligent ignores
  • lightline
  • YouCompleteMe
  • NerdTree
  • Presistent undo
  • Various completion packages

Sublime (x server/Desktop Environment) (not included on Arch, mostly replaced by nVim at this point)

  • Custom Theme - Monkia
  • Packages
  • All Autocomplete
  • Apply Syntax
  • BracketHighlighter
  • CodeFormatter
  • SideBarEnhancements
  • Various Completion packages

Design overview

+--          <-- Main script
+-- common/             <-- Common files - shared and third party
|    +-- .custom        <-- Custom input file (copied to ~)
|    +-- <third-party-repos>/ 
+-- packages/
     +-- shell/
     +-- cli/
     +-- desktop/
+-- util/


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