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* Added Support for Flags Enums in Properties
Now it is possible to edit the single flags of properties as long as they have the FlagsAttribute and are Enum based

* Added unsigned support and injection of default flag options
- all unsigned types are supported now as well
- added the ability per injection into the value and name arrays to set all flags to off or on

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ServUO is a community driven Ultima Online Server Emulator written in C#.


.NET 5.0 Runtime and SDK


Run Compile.WIN - Debug.bat for development environments. Run Compile.WIN - Release.bat for production environments.


brew install mono
brew install dotnet
dotnet build

To run mono ServUO.exe

Ubuntu / Debian

apt-get install zlib1g-dev mono-complete dotnet-sdk-5.0 
dotnet build

To run mono ServUO.exe


  1. Starting with the /Config directory, find and edit Server.cfg to set up the essentials.
  2. Go through the remaining *.cfg files to ensure they suit your needs.
  3. For Windows, run Compile.WIN - Debug.bat to produce ServUO.exe, Linux users may run Makefile.
  4. Run ServUO.exe to make sure everything boots up, if everything went well, you should see your IP adress being listened on the port you specified.
  5. Load up UO and login! - If you require instructions on setting up your particular client, visit the Discord and ask!