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Short story about artificial general intelligence (firstly an english homework).
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Artificial General Intelligence Story : The Stamp Collector


This is a short story (~15 min read) about artificial general intelligence (firstly an english homework).


This story is inspired by the thought experiment of the stamp collector, originally presented by Robert Miles, a PhD Student at the University of Nottingham, who does researches studies on AI safety. This thought experiment was therefore not made by me, I just transformed it to make a story about it.

You can find Robert Miles talking about it in this link : Deadly Truth of General AI? - Computerphile.


I would like to thanks the following people that helped me reveiw this story:

  • Alexander Ono
  • Caroline West
  • FlowerChild0128
  • Margot
  • Torbjørn Brandser
  • Zer0
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