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Simple Uptime monitoring with AWS lambda
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Pinger - 24x7 website monitoring lambda


This repository contains the Lambda function built with serverless application model(aka SAM) that monitors web URLs asynchronously, capture response times & response codes in cloud watch and enables slack notifications during 4XX & 5XX failures of the URLs and also a restoration notification once the service is restored.

Pricing Estimation

Approx. AWS costs for lambda to monitor 10 URLs with the scheduled frequency of 5 mins. Kindly note that this is just an estimation. Actuals might differ and subject to the number of URLs that you add to monitor. Estimation is done through Link



  • Maintains the state of the URL
  • Slack Notifications when web URLs response code are not equal to 200
  • Slack Notifications, once the URL is back online
  • Response times of the web URLs are shipped to cloud watch. You can optionally enable custom metrics and log aggregation to elastic search(optional, might incur additional costs).
  • Cloudwatch Alarms(optional, might incur additional costs).
  • Easy to adjust the monitoring scheduled frequency
  • Easy to add and remove URLs by just adding/removing them from config file(config.yaml) available in this repository
  • Very Low cost monitoring solution
  • Easy to customize the source code and CI/CD solution on Jenkins is already in place.

Comparison (vs Pingdom)


Refer the wiki page for more detailed documentation. go to wiki page

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