Ansible Role for Nginx
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Ansible Role for Nginx


This depends on an SSL role, which is not a public github repository as it contains SSL certificate/key files. While they are encrypted, I still don't want it up on a public git repository.

See the ansible-ssl-example role in this repository for an example of that. Usage

This role setups configurations for potentially any site, but I can and will put specifics into this repository!

Variables Used:

  • ssl_key - Path to the ssl key used to generate the CSR and certificate for SSL certificates pertaining to this site
  • ssl_crt - Path to the the root domain ssl certificate
  • ssl_wildcard_crt - Path to the wildcard subdomain ssl certificate
  • app_env - APPENV environment variable passed to PHP application

PHP Configuration

This repository will assume PHP-FPM is running in a chroot'ed environment. I chroot PHP-FPM to the /var/www directory. This means Nginx must pass file paths (document root, script file name, etc) to PHP as if the /var/www directory is the root / directory.

These assumptions are built into the location block passing requests to PHP. Be aware of that before using this Ansible role!