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Aotearoa New Zealand legislation as code
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OpenFisca Aotearoa


Writing the Legislation

This is an experiment. We've coded large swathes of New Zealand's legislation, regulation, and some government policy into rules that run in the Open Fisca calculation engine. We've released all the code here, for anyone to use.

From late January 2018, the Service Innovation Lab (LabPlus) facilitated a cross-agency and multidisciplinary team in a 3 week Discovery Sprint exploring the challenges and opportunities of developing human and machine consumable legislation for effective and efficient service delivery.

Please also read the wiki as a way of introduction.

The Lab Team's server

An instance of Open Fisca is running at

and an app called "Rapu Ture" is available to explore which variables exist

Install Instructions for Users and Contributors

This package requires Python 3 and pip .

Installing this Country Package (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Supported platforms:

  • GNU/Linux distributions (in particular Debian and Ubuntu);
  • Mac OS X;
  • Microsoft Windows (we recommend using ConEmu instead of the default console).

Other OS should work if they can execute Python and NumPy.

Pick option (A) or (B)

A. Minimal Installation - for users running the rules

Follow this installation if you wish to:

  • run calculations on a large population;
  • run your own instance of OpenFisca-Aotearoa
  • run your own instance of the OpenFisca-Aotearoa rules package, as an OpenFisca Web API.
  • not modify the rules

There are 3 documented ways to do this - Pick your tech:

B. Advanced Installation - for devs, modifying the rules and code

Follow this tutorial if you wish to change the OpenFisca-Aotearoa rules or contribute to the source code.

Read the Setup Aotearoa Open Fisca in pyenv instructions to manage python runtimes and eggs

pyenv is simular to rbenv/rvm (for ruby) and nvm (for nodejs).

Next Steps

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