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The HTML5 modeler

Wapama is an extensible web-based modeler supporting BPMN 2.0 natively.

A complete modeling application

Wapama is a complete editor for modeling BPMN 2.0. Many other metamodels are supported, including BPMN 1.1, BPEL 2.0, or Petrinets.

HTML5 champion

Wapama uses trusted web technologies to render and edit models. It is particularly leveraging SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for rendering, a HTML5 technology.

Create your own editor

Reuse, customize or create your own buttons and toolbar items. All metamodels are simple JSON files defining shapes, properties and relationships.

Project management

Mailing list


CI builds

Release builds


Get it as war, war for jboss or OSGi webapp bundle here: