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ServiceStackIDEA plugin

ServiceStackIDEA is a plugin for Jetbrains' IntelliJ based IDEs to support building client applications for ServiceStack services in the simplest possible way. Leveraging ServiceStack's NativeTypes feature, ServiceStackIDEA makes it easy to work with ServiceStack DTOs by providing intuitive menus for adding ServiceStack references and importing the associated client libraries as dependencies.

ServiceStackIDEA now supports many of the most popular Jetbrains IDEs including:

  • IntelliJ
    • Java, Kotlin and TypeScript
  • Android Studio
    • Java and Kotlin
  • WebStorm, RubyMine, PhpStorm & PyCharm
    • TypeScript

New TypeScript Support

Since version 1.0.11, ServiceStackIDEA now supports adding new TypeScript References!

By right clicking on any folder in your Project explorer, you can add a TypeScript reference by simply providing any based URL of your ServiceStack server.

Once this file as been added to your project, you can update your service DTOs simply right clicking Update Servicestack Reference or using the light bulb action (Alt+Enter by default).

This now means you can integrate with a ServiceStack service easily from your favorite Jetbrains IDE when working with TypeScript!

Install ServiceStack IDEA from the Plugin repository

The ServiceStack IDEA is now available to install directly from within a supported IDE Plugins Repository, to Install Go to:

  1. File -> Settings... Main Menu Item
  2. Select Plugins on left menu then click Browse repositories... at bottom
  3. Search for ServiceStack and click Install plugin
  4. Restart to load the installed ServiceStack IDEA plugin