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@@ -39,8 +39,21 @@ Effectively this allows you to create a table from any POCO type and it should p
- [Sqlite64]( - 64bit Mixed mode .NET only assembly
- [Sqlite.Mono]( - 32bit unmanaged dll, compatible with .NET / Mono
-OrmLite is also included in [ServiceStack]( or available to download separately in
+OrmLite.SqlServer is also included in [ServiceStack](
+## Download published NuGet binaries without NuGet
+For environments that doesn't have NuGet installed (e.g. OSX/Linux) you can still download the published binaries by
+extracting them from the published NuGet packages. The url to download a nuget package is:
+ So to get the OrmLite MySQL provider in OSX/Linux (or using gnu tools for Windows) you can just do:
+ wget -O
+ unzip 'lib/*'
+which will download and extract the dlls into your local local `lib/` folder.
## New Simplified API
We've streamlined our API, now all OrmLite extensions that used to be on `IDbCommand` now hang off `IDbConnection`

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