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Change RedisMessageQueueClient to use ToInQueueName() ext method whic…

…h looks at msg.Priority
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1 parent f9df32a commit 1ff1e176c007e1393da56489744a90ec1c7b484b @mythz mythz committed Oct 10, 2012
BIN lib/ServiceStack.Common.dll
Binary file not shown.
2 src/ServiceStack.Redis/Messaging/RedisMessageQueueClient.cs
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ public void Publish<T>(T messageBody)
public void Publish(IMessage message)
var messageBytes = message.ToBytes();
- Publish(new QueueNames(message.Body.GetType()).In, messageBytes);
+ Publish(message.ToInQueueName(), messageBytes);
public void Publish<T>(IMessage<T> message)

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