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fix misspelling: heirarchy -> hierarchy

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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ For most cases if you require access to Redis-specific functionality you would w
* [IRedisClient]( - Provides a friendlier, more descriptive API that lets you store values as strings (UTF8 encoding).
* [IRedisTypedClient]( - created with `IRedisClient.GetTypedClient<T>()` - it returns a 'strongly-typed client' that provides a typed-interface for all redis value operations that works against any C#/.NET POCO type.
-The class heirachy for the C# Redis clients effectively look like:
+The class hierachy for the C# Redis clients effectively look like:
RedisTypedClient (POCO) > RedisClient (string) > RedisNativeClient (raw byte[])

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