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Self-hosted ServiceStack + Node.js demo project

The project demonstrates how you can easily build single page applications (SPA) using node.js with Express, Jade templates and geared with ServiceStack as a backend API engine. The application works for Windows and Linuxes. To simplify development node.js used a proxy to route all "/api" requests to SericeStack but for heavy loaded sites you can use nginx.


Make sure that node.js and npm is installed and path variables are set correctly (Windows: install it with .msi, Linux/Mac: use install script or read how-to-install-nodejs )

Both commands should return version:

node --version

npm --version

Site has a dependency on Redis. Make sure that it's installed locally and listening port 6379. If you have Redis on another server then just change it in app.config.


run.cmd builds Service.csproj and executes Service/bin/Debug/Service.exe you have to see the following console:

Listening: http://*:8090/api/
Press any key to stop program

Then script download node-modules for node.js and runs the server for port: 8080.

That's it, you can see Backbone.JS Todo SPA geared with ServiceStack: http://localhost:8080

NOTE: Service is actually a Windows Service. So you can also install it with:

installutil <Path of the Service.exe>

Linux & mono

run script automatically compiles Service.sln file using xbuild. Then it tries to shutdown the previous Service process and run it again. When service is up and running, it downloads all required node-modules and runs node.js app server using port: 8080.

chmod +x ./run

That's it, you can see Backbone.JS Todo SPA geared with ServiceStack: http://[linux-host]:8080