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using NUnit.Framework;
using ServiceStack.Html;
using ServiceStack.Tests.Html.Support.Types;
namespace ServiceStack.Tests.Html
public class LabelExtensionsTests
HtmlHelper<Person> html;
public void SetUp()
html = new HtmlHelper<Person>();
public void LabelFor_SimpleProperty_ForAttributeIsSameAsName()
MvcHtmlString result = html.LabelFor(p => p.First);
Assert.AreEqual(@"<label for=""First"">First</label>", result.ToHtmlString());
public void LabelFor_NestedProperty_ForAttributeReferencesElementIDWithUnderscores()
MvcHtmlString result = html.LabelFor(p => p.Home.City);
Assert.AreEqual(@"<label for=""Home_City"">City</label>", result.ToHtmlString());
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