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using System.IO;
using ServiceStack.Text;
using ServiceStack.Web;
namespace ServiceStack
public class JsvServiceClient
: ServiceClientBase
public override string Format => "jsv";
public JsvServiceClient() {}
public JsvServiceClient(string baseUri)
public JsvServiceClient(string syncReplyBaseUri, string asyncOneWayBaseUri)
: base(syncReplyBaseUri, asyncOneWayBaseUri) {}
public override string ContentType => $"application/{Format}";
public override void SerializeToStream(IRequest req, object request, Stream stream)
TypeSerializer.SerializeToStream(request, stream);
public override T DeserializeFromStream<T>(Stream stream)
return TypeSerializer.DeserializeFromStream<T>(stream);
public override StreamDeserializerDelegate StreamDeserializer => TypeSerializer.DeserializeFromStream;
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