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base: v3-snapshot
head fork: ServiceStack/ServiceStack
compare: master
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Commits on Jun 29, 2015
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #990 from GuillaumeSalles/master
Add CustomMethodAsync overload with url parameter to ServiceClientBase
@mythz mythz Add new CustomMethodAsync API to IRestClientAsync 69c251e
@mythz mythz Have AbstractValidtor<T> implement IRequiresRequest 5246e29
@mythz mythz fix build error 8e95e4d
@mythz mythz fix build error 9b78061
@mythz mythz Merge all ValidUserNameRegEx in all AuthRepositories to use single Au…

Also allow validation by optional AuthFeature.IsValidUsernameFn function
@mythz mythz Add fallback for AuthFeature.IsValidUserName for when AuthFeature is …
…null (in tests)
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
@scottmcarthur scottmcarthur SPOP with count 9c92241
@scottmcarthur scottmcarthur SPOP with count - PopItemsFromSet 510cac2
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #991 from scottmcarthur/scottmcarthur-SPOP-with-count
Redis SPOP with count (Updated interfaces for Redis)
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dll 4e6babd
Commits on Jul 01, 2015
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dlls after refactor fa7f1a8
@mythz mythz Route Post() in WcfServiceClient to call Send() 5cd393f
@mythz mythz Handle Response SOAP Serialization errors in IAppHost.ServiceExceptio…
@mythz mythz fix whitespace d473735
@mythz mythz Change WriteSoapMessage errors to fire UncaughtExceptionHandlers instead 03012ae
@mythz mythz Update SS Text e4eb451
@mythz mythz Add Support for Config.AddGeneratedCodeAttributes to C#, F# and VB.NE…
…T Add ServiceStack Reference
@mythz mythz Revert back to OnServiceException and move to HostContext.CompleteReq…
…uest to after WriteSoapMessage
@mythz mythz Change test to look at ServiceExceptionHandlers 2e4071d
@mythz mythz Add support for Encrypted AutoBatched requests 9e35299
@mythz mythz Only DisposeCancelToken when there's no remaining active async reques…
…ts pending
@mythz mythz If resposneStream is writable, write OnServiceException response DTO …
…to responseStream
@mythz mythz Add support for PostFile and PostFileWithRequest to new JsonHttpClient 835511d
@mythz mythz populate the IResponse.Dto with the Service response in OnAfterExecute() f90a4fa
Commits on Jul 02, 2015
@mythz mythz Upgrade to NLog v4.0.1 6b8b54d
@mythz mythz Remove API's returning HttpWebResponse from IRestClient and add them …
…back as decoupled extension methods
@mythz mythz Update SS Iterfaces 83d1477
@mythz mythz rename EncryptedClient to EncryptedServiceClient 0db8149
@mythz mythz Rename EncryptedClient to EncryptedServiceClient f81e5ed
@mythz mythz Add ExcludeGenericBaseTypes option for Swift Native Types to work aro…
…und swift compiler crashes
@mythz mythz Update SS.Redis 8ad4608
@mythz mythz Always ensure HttpResponse is closed at the end of built in handlers 100df16
Commits on Jul 03, 2015
@mythz mythz fix mini profiler js error ab1dcf5
@mythz mythz Add Typed overload in IServiceStackProvider for Executing a typed IRe…
…turn<T> Request DTO
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 1b0c3ec
@mythz mythz Add new ClearCookies() and GetCookieValues() API's on IRestClient ca1ba93
@mythz mythz Add new IHttpResponse.ClearCookies() API which should be called to pr…
…event Cookies being returned to ESC in plain-text
@mythz mythz Sync dlls 9763646
@mythz mythz Update PCL a6a4788
@mythz mythz Change HttpClient.PCL to reference SS.Client.PCL e661596
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces a6ff63f
@mythz mythz Auto populate any IHasSessionId Request DTO's in Encrypted Client 9659a9a
@mythz mythz Fix NRE 97befaf
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 97326e0
@mythz mythz Add support for auto populating Request DTO's with IHasSessionId or I…
@mythz mythz Update external NuGet deps fb92c47
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dlls 5c6b3f5
@mythz mythz Update test projs to latest NUnit and external NuGet pkgs c2ed6a2
@mythz mythz Switch test to use proj .dlls 3ede9ea
Commits on Jul 04, 2015
@mythz mythz Add top-level IRequest property in AuthContext dd938c2
@mythz mythz Allow [Exclude(Feature.Metadata)] to hide Operations from Metadata Se…
@mythz mythz Rename 'Private' API's to use the more appropriate 'InProcess' b783031
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces ad2d930
@mythz mythz Add support for executing Services with different HTTP Verbs f67b2d6
@mythz mythz Change QueryResponseFilterDelegate to use Action<QueryFilterContext> 8e7001b
@mythz mythz Add AutoQuery ResponseFilter Basic Calculator example 07a4994
@mythz mythz Autopopulate IHasVersion Request DTO's with abbreviated 'v' param, e.…
…g ?v=1
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 01e8def
@mythz mythz Don't implicitly fetch the server public key, make it a mandatory arg…
@mythz mythz Use ValidUserNameRegEx that's on AuthFeature fb08f5c
Commits on Jul 05, 2015
@mythz mythz Add IsEncryptedMessage() Extension method 9223ac8
@mythz mythz Update .csproj 8cb872a
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 9eb61b3
@mythz mythz Prevent replay attacks by rejecting old requests and repeated nonce's 6a45d47
@mythz mythz Encrypted Client no longer fetches public key a696a53
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 462a99c
@mythz mythz Limit EncryptedServiceClient to work with IJsonServiceClient's 19e2d87
@mythz mythz Add the hash of the public key in the headers 5cca92e
@mythz mythz Rename to consistent EncryptedSymmetricKey e290634
@mythz mythz Set Content-Type of /publickey to XML b4a2a1f
Commits on Jul 06, 2015
@mythz mythz Modify Heartbeat and UnRegister SSE Urls with any custom session ids b2e5ee3
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 35f2f0c
@mythz mythz Add SetCookie to IServiceClient d4b4f57
@mythz mythz Add example using EncryptedClient for Auth then ServiceClient for aut…
…henticated requests
@mythz mythz Refactor SetCookie so it builds in PCL Clients 7f0402f
@mythz mythz Try specifying an expiry date to fix JsonHttpClient test fb33caa
@mythz mythz Switch to async for combined auth test 06bb438
Commits on Jul 07, 2015
@mythz mythz Fix resetting CookieContainer in JsonHttpClient b9f6450
@mythz mythz remove debug stmts fb47166
@mythz mythz allow for null BaseUri's in JsonHttpClient 17f3b98
@mythz mythz sync dlls 7cd21b7
@mythz mythz Add v4.0.42 Release Notes ff4742e
@mythz mythz Tweaks 294d211
@mythz mythz Rename to use more readable cachedResponse 92c5961
@mythz mythz Update title 8ac719b
@mythz mythz Add merged IServiceClient API cd6d4ee
@mythz mythz Client cache can be more concise f25360f
Commits on Jul 08, 2015
@migajek migajek avoid NRE when setting null value to cache 4504fe2
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #993 from migajek/master
avoid NRE when setting null value to cache
Andrew Stout added ApiMemberAttribute DataType check 7ebc0e2
@mythz mythz Update examples on HomePage 20eb655
@mythz mythz Skip wrapping 2d813fe
@mythz mythz t 8a2ee0a
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #994 from stout01/master
Swagger ApiMemberAttribute DataType
@mythz mythz Light rename 14e8569
@mythz mythz Clean PR and fix tests 83fcafa
@mythz mythz readme tweak 3726e14
@mythz mythz more tweaks 6b5ef3a
Commits on Jul 09, 2015
@mythz mythz Change to users preferred sessionId ce225cd
@mythz mythz Return 404 in Heartbeat handler for non-existing subscriptionIds bdffc1e
Commits on Jul 10, 2015
@mythz mythz Use Error response from ServiceExceptionHandler if exists 6a329e5
@mythz mythz don't restart if client was stopped, make stopped readable 3b58f2a
@mythz mythz change UseCallerCallContext to true caa993f
@mythz mythz Make sure .nuspecs have the right version d4d4c57
@mythz mythz Update year 20f03b1
@mythz mythz Switch to use NLog LogEntry to preserve callsite 180fc5d
@mythz mythz Always disable buffer when configuring BufferedStream 35230fb
@mythz mythz Only disable ASP.NET buffer when buffering ourselves 177fb97
@mythz mythz Use logLevel argument! 77047c8
Commits on Jul 11, 2015
@mythz mythz Add GetServerRole() and ShutdownNoSave() API's 0aa2047
Commits on Jul 12, 2015
@mythz mythz Support alternate .ClientId/.ClientSecret configuration for OAuth2 ac2dd25
@mythz mythz Update dlls 1371abd
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
@mythz mythz Manually restore conflict package versions afcc33d
@mythz mythz fix whitespace c7fdb1e
Commits on Jul 14, 2015
@mythz mythz Update SS Redis 872b471
@mythz mythz Ignore null IDisposables 143b1a4
@mythz mythz Allow Exceptions to return Custom HTTP Status Codes by implementing I…
@mythz mythz Update SS Interfaces 42c93be
Commits on Jul 15, 2015
@drakelord drakelord generate suffix if no alias supplied, missed during refactoring c4f8af7 18d6a10
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #995 from drakelord/master
generate suffix if no alias supplied
Commits on Jul 16, 2015
@mythz mythz Update SS Redis 1aa7232
@mythz mythz Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 86ad800
@mythz mythz Don't include heartbeatUrl and unRegisterUrl if HeartbeatPath or UnRe…
…gisterPath is null
Commits on Jul 18, 2015
@mythz mythz Add HmacUtils to sign and verify encrypted bytes with HMAC SHA-256 510d613
@mythz mythz Add ToSha256HashBytes() and ToSha512HashBytes() extension methods a5aebb1
@mythz mythz Add tests for RSA/AES/HMAC-SHA-256 Hybrid crypto strategy 51b9762
@mythz mythz Update SS dlls 2af298a
@mythz mythz Update with tests of dual-key HMAC auth encrypted messaging strategy 4e41036
@mythz mythz Add example of TestAuth service e99f84b
@mythz mythz Flip the switch on new RSA + AES + HMAC-SHA-256 authenticated Hybrid …
Commits on Jul 19, 2015
@mythz mythz Reorder tests by popular use-case first and add LargeMessages test 703ce53
@mythz mythz Replace Metadata Version with ServiceStackVersion 2dff42f
@mythz mythz Add additional Meta Dictionary on ValidationErrorField, ResponseStatu…
…s, ResponseError
@mythz mythz Update Swagger to 1.2, rename Swagger DTO's so they match 1.2 spec 550d33c
Commits on Jul 20, 2015
@mythz mythz Fix Swagger Tests d20cbc4
@mythz mythz fix build error 4bc9ff6
@mythz mythz Fix Swagger Bootstrap UI after 1.2 upgrade 037da0a
@migajek migajek FluentValidation: auto-fill Meta with PlaceholderValues if no CustomS…
…tate provided

Automatically fills Meta with PlaceholderValues if no CustomState
provided for the rule.
The PlaceholderValues is a dict used internally by FV to build
@mythz mythz uncomment Bootstrap Theme bb54908
Commits on Jul 21, 2015
@mythz mythz Update VS 2015 dlls c903dbe
@mythz mythz Update after loading in VS2015 107ce63
@mythz mythz Switch to use II7+ system.webServer Web.config 7602062
@mythz mythz Split tests from RazorRockstars.Web into separate RazorRockstars.Web.…
…Tests to fix conflicts
@mythz mythz Remove unsupported <system.web/httpHandlers> mapping from Web.config e84e145
@mythz mythz Uncomment WinStore builds which VS2015 doesn't support yet 9fb25d3
@mythz mythz Escape keywords in Swift Native Types 6beec30
@mythz mythz Add special case for `description` 8b1d3b9
Commits on Jul 22, 2015
@mythz mythz Convert test project to class library fe88f5d
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #998 from migajek/master
FluentValidation: auto-fill Meta with PlaceholderValues if no CustomState provided
Commits on Jul 23, 2015
@mythz mythz Move MaxLoginAttempts to AuthFeature and implement in all built-in Us…
@mythz mythz Refactor out CacheClientTestsBase so it can be re-used b6b89cb
@mythz mythz Fix build error d46619d
@mythz mythz Remove PrintDump to reduce size of CI logs d5d7ca3
@mythz mythz update ss dlls b924264
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dlls 8a4a03c
Commits on Jul 24, 2015
@mythz mythz Don't use DynamoDb local 8000 port 2caad02
@mythz mythz refactor CacheClientTestsBase b80593d
@mythz mythz Fix NRE in SoapHandler when executing response filters on null responses 1084ed3
@mythz mythz Change to apply Response Converters and Filters like other handlers 735ad22
@mythz mythz short-circuit null responses f47cfeb
Commits on Jul 25, 2015
@mythz mythz Revert NLog v4.0.1 to v4 so it's not replaced with SS Version d908462
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
@mythz mythz Switch to recommended AppHost and AppSelfHostBase conventions 0a33021
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
@mythz mythz Add support for labelling which Services require Authentication and w…
…hich Roles + Permissions are required
@mythz mythz Remove Required Role Services from HttpListener tests 58db085
@mythz mythz Add additional metadata on the Operation descriptor f902370
@mythz mythz Add Auth Details to Service Operation metadata page as well 07aaad0
@mythz mythz Don't prime filter attribute cache before it's ready be33ef6
@mythz mythz Also include Authenticate Request filters on Actions 1e635d8
@mythz mythz Add support for Basic Auth in Swagger UI 2c4ba7a
@mythz mythz Add Can_execute_OR_QueryFilters_Fields Test b84f984
@mythz mythz Call EndRequest for Raw HttpHandler Requests as well 4c9523a
@mythz mythz Complete remaining HttpHandlers 81de7b3
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
@mythz mythz Move IRequiresSchema to SS.Interfaces and ext methods to ServiceStack…
… namespace
@mythz mythz Update SS.dll 7858721
@mythz mythz Add workaround for Mono not accepting populating Content-Type via Add…
Commits on Aug 01, 2015
@mythz mythz Add new HttpHandler test 4063d35
Commits on Aug 02, 2015
@mythz mythz Ignore .vs/ files b6751ab
@mythz mythz Fix bug from #999 69f6b87
@mythz mythz Update SS.Text 75bbc3a
Commits on Aug 03, 2015
@mythz mythz fix whitespace 43adf1b
Commits on Aug 05, 2015
@mythz mythz Normalize dates for db's configured to store dates in Local time 1be29f8
@mythz mythz Use Interlocked to incr counters in multi-threaded handlers 1ff34c9
@mythz mythz Change to Interlocked 2d16278
@mythz mythz Only normalize Local dates d513060
@mythz mythz fix swagger-ui error parsing 1.2 spec by monkey patching in info.version 6245cd4
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dlls 18bc1b5
Commits on Aug 06, 2015
@mythz mythz Add option to change which types should be treated as strings af4241e
@mythz mythz Add support for Admin Role and Admin AuthSecret to RequiresAnyRole/Pe…
…rmission attributes
Commits on Aug 09, 2015
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dlls 695ba7f
@mythz mythz Update OrmLite dlls f20c6a7
@mythz mythz Make OrmLiteAuthRepository public API's virtual 487a64e
Commits on Aug 10, 2015
Michal Tomczyk Make RabbitMq public API's virtual e38c370
@mythz mythz Rename to RequiresRoleInService c3af584
@mythz mythz Add Typed Session test using HTTP Headers d2247cb
@mythz mythz Move looking for Session Id in Cookies as the last priority so they c…
…an be overridden
@mythz mythz Don't normalize dates in CacheClient 773aac1
Commits on Aug 11, 2015
@mythz mythz Also check cascading request params for ss-opt 8085bf3
@mythz mythz Fix clashing tests 08a3adc
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #1001 from mttpl/rabbitmq-api-virtual
Make RabbitMq public API's virtual
@mythz mythz Add QueryCustomRockstarsSchema test e1c6845
@mythz mythz Dispose of Request Scoped dependencies at the end of an MQ Request b76de32
@mythz mythz Merge branch 'master' of e976f6a
Commits on Aug 12, 2015
@mythz mythz Fix Memory MQ Client in Server.Tests 11399ed
@mythz mythz Pass underlying exception 0559ba1
@mythz mythz Only describe user types, inc. Generic types b860657
@mythz mythz Reference Types contained in QueryBase<From,Into> base types 869b2a1
@mythz mythz Skip generating AutoQuery Services for Request DTO's that don't conta…
…in a generic IQuery<> type definition
@mythz mythz Add new AuthFeature.GenerateNewSessionCookiesOnAuthentication to gene…
…rate new cookies when authenticating
Commits on Aug 13, 2015
@mythz mythz Fix NRE in Auth Tests w/o registered AuthFeature 07711f2
@mythz mythz Update SS.Interfaces 2dc0d95
@mythz mythz Add support for Key Rotations with fallback of old Private Keys 86ceb22
@mythz mythz Add runtime decorated metadata for Swagger UI 2956705
@mythz mythz Add ToPrivateKeyXml() ext method 148917c
Commits on Aug 14, 2015
@mythz mythz Update nuspecs aca6ab4
Commits on Aug 15, 2015
@mythz mythz Update SS.Redis dll 73393f3
@mythz mythz Update 567753c
Commits on Aug 18, 2015
@mythz mythz Add support for sending raw strings, byte[] or Stream in ServiceClients 4953e12
@mythz mythz Also add support for sending raw string, byte[] and Streams to JsonHt…
Commits on Aug 19, 2015
@mythz mythz Add RequestScope test 0cc6e17
@mythz mythz allow deserialization in JsonHttpClient 109ad2a
Commits on Aug 20, 2015
@mythz mythz Add OrmLite.SqlServer.Converters to signed projs ec100cb
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
@mythz mythz Add support for multiple httplistener url prefixes 1b76c31
@mythz mythz Fix build error 789fab4
@mythz mythz Update SS dlls 66b683d
@mythz mythz Update external NuGet pkgs + .nuspecs to latest version 7f8ed4e
Commits on Aug 25, 2015
@mythz mythz re-enable VS 2012 WinStore builds cfc4940
@mythz mythz Update SS dlls 21abf9f
@mythz mythz Update PCL files e5b86fd
@mythz mythz use reachable host c42e56f
@mythz mythz cater for slower build server ec635fb
@mythz mythz Don't throw on generic type definitions 8eaeaa8
@mythz mythz Add IsAny400() and IsAny500() API's on WebServiceException a1bdcf5
@mythz mythz Try prevent NRE in CI tests 6fd7af7
@mythz mythz tweak timeout to cater for slower CI server 750a1bd
@mythz mythz pause for 1ms for slower CI server 9b16b9f
@mythz mythz Cater for slow CI 219c261
@mythz mythz still catering for slow CI Servers c286745
@mythz mythz Fix OAuth libs depending on DotNetOpenAuth in VS 2015 by adding Bcl.B…
…uild target + assembly redirect
@mythz mythz Add required targets for OAuth projects dcc08f1
@mythz mythz remove unused packages 036fc7a
@mythz mythz Add full reference to Microsoft.Net.Http since VS 2015 decided to bre…
…ak existing projs by requiring it
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
@mythz mythz Use exported function to invoke SSE receiver so it can be overridden e1448c5
@mythz mythz remove references to System.Xml in PCL builds 6e94d3d
@mythz mythz Update SS.Text dlls 09eafd8
@mythz mythz Remove references to System.Xml and Microsoft.CSharp in PCL builds 6575fb1
@mythz mythz Add custom PclExport implementations that restore XmlConvert DateTime…
… behavior
@mythz mythz Fix PCL build error fbab439
@mythz mythz Remove unused references from ServiceStack.Client 37bcd26
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
@mythz mythz Add mocking session examples 62f4583