VS2010 build fixes project files #1

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I split the VS2010 project files into a separate commit so you can rename the existing ones first.

mythz and others added some commits Feb 18, 2011
@mythz mythz make text/html the default content-type 1b4e4ef
@mythz mythz Major refactor, Removed all traces of ILMERGE. Moved non-core framewo…
…rk projects to ServiceStack.Contrib. Upgraded to VS 2010
@mythz mythz remove upgrade files 2a6d5cf
@mythz mythz updgrade all example projects to new ServiceStack structure and VS2010 65fd5ca
@mythz mythz Combined ServiceStack.ServiceClient.Web into ServiceStack.Common for …
…less dependencies.

Pulled Common.Extensions into Common to fix the last remaining bad design decision
@mythz mythz updated libs and IRedisTypedClient interface 7ba3049
@mythz mythz v2.0 dlls ready for the first release after the refactor 67d8abd
@mythz mythz added latest dlls and moved shared messaging classes over to Common w…
…here there used by Redis
@mythz mythz Add README.md to the ServiceStack.Interfaces project 1533466
@mythz mythz Add a README to explain the different projects 5eaf47e
@mythz mythz change ref to point to new ServiceStack.dll 06c1d47
@mythz mythz Fix IIS 7.0 config as well 4f0f683
@mythz mythz New ServiceStack.ServiceInterface.dll build and tweaks on the test pr…
…ojects to support the new refactor
@mythz mythz change instance method to extension method to gracefully cater for nu…
…ll args.
@mythz mythz change Integration Web Project to build using x86 (32bit) build confi…
…guration. Anything Web Project using ServiceStack.OrmLite.Sqlite (and its unmanaged 32bit sqlite.dll) will need to do this
@chadwackerman chadwackerman Allow services to reside in specified directories or root 616ccac
@Kanarej Kanarej added a commit to Kanarej/ServiceStack that referenced this pull request Aug 20, 2014
@Kanarej Kanarej Update InputExtensions.cs
In the case of the dynamic grid with input controls I had array of items with names for example ArticleItems[0].Description, ArticleItems[1].Description.
When I removed item 0 in the model, the element #1 became #0. but ModelState still contained both items 0 and 1, where item 0 is actually removed.
So, this code took value of ArticleItems[0].Description from ModelState and ignored value from the model. As a result the item 1 was displayed with value of the removed item 0.
Anyway, I think the value from the model should have precedence over the old value in ModelState.
This issue was closed.
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