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ServiceStack.Api.Swagger be explicit on different file types in Swagger .nuspec
ServiceStack.Authentication.MongoDb Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.Authentication.OAuth2 Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Authentication.OpenId Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Authentication.RavenDb Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.Caching.AwsDynamoDb Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.Caching.Azure Update Azure NuGet version
ServiceStack.Caching.Memcached Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.Client Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Common Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Gap Add required SS.Razor dependency to SS.Razor.BuildTask and SS.Gap .nu…
ServiceStack.Host.AspNet Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Host.Mvc Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Interfaces Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Logging.Elmah Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Logging.EntLib5 Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Logging.EventLog Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Logging.Log4Net Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.Logging.NLog Update NLog to use NLog specific API's
ServiceStack.MsgPack Upgrade to latest v0.5.8 of MsPack.Cli
ServiceStack.Mvc Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.ProtoBuf Update Copyright date
ServiceStack.RabbitMq Upgrade references to RabbitMQ.Client 3.2.4
ServiceStack.Razor.BuildTask Add required SS.Razor dependency to SS.Razor.BuildTask and SS.Gap .nu…
ServiceStack.Razor Update Copyright date
ServiceStack Add embedded /js/ss-utils.d.ts TypeScript definition for ss-utils.js
NuGetPack.cmd Change csproj's and NuGet's to include xml docs
NuGetPush.cmd Keep consistent NuGet structure, update NuGet.exe
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