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Check.ServiceInterface Add CustomUserSession NativeTypes Test Service
Check.ServiceModel Add Errors Services
CheckHttpListener Add better fallback support for ToAbsoluteUrl
CheckMvc Update generated test dtos
CheckWeb Fix proj refs
PclTest.Android Update PCL scripts to include Mac20
PclTest.Ios Update Xamarin .Pcl solution
PclTest.Ios10 Update Xamarin .Pcl solution
PclTest.SL5.Web Update SL5 .xap
PclTest.SL5 Add UploadFile service and example using it from Silverlight
PclTest.ServiceModel Change PCL project to reference SS.Interfaces .dll instead of sn proj…
PclTest.SharedLogic Update Xamarin .Pcl solution
PclTest.WinStore Change PCL project to reference SS.Interfaces .dll instead of sn proj…
PclTest.Wpf Change PCL project to reference SS.Interfaces .dll instead of sn proj…
PclTest Update Xamarin .Pcl solution
RazorRockstars.BuildTask Add example showing how to emit custom content types in Razor View
RazorRockstars.Console.Files Update copyright year to 2015
RazorRockstars.Console Removed Razor1 and Reference Fix Up to Razor2
RazorRockstars.Web Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.Auth.Tests updated client secret
ServiceStack.AuthWeb.Tests Sanitize Twitter and Facebook OAuth urls back to a normal url
ServiceStack.Common.Tests Move ServiceExtensions.RequestItemsSessionKey to SessionFeature.Reque…
ServiceStack.IntegrationTests big refactor, extracted non-core or functional parts from servicestac…
ServiceStack.Logging.Tests Update NLog to use NLog specific API's
ServiceStack.Mvc.Stubs.Tests Enable specification of external assemblies for controller discovery …
ServiceStack.Mvc.Tests Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.Razor.BuildTask.IntegrationTests Remove BuildTask project
ServiceStack.Razor.BuildTask.Tests fix build error
ServiceStack.Razor.Tests Update copyright year to 2015
ServiceStack.RazorHostTests Add failing test for Db.Dispose() in a razor partial.
ServiceStack.RazorNancyTests touch files to fix remaining whitespace issues created from the origi…
ServiceStack.Server.Tests Add MqAuthOnly example
ServiceStack.ServiceHost.Tests Add Items to IResponse impls
ServiceStack.ServiceModel.Tests Update ServiceStack.ServiceModel.Tests.csproj
ServiceStack.Tests InputExtensions generate id attribute
ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.Tests Remove Route registration exception which can be registered for Servi…
ServiceStack.WebHost.IntegrationTests Handle redirect to login in AdminAuthSecret test
ServiceStack.WebHostApp Fix untested pull-request breaking all metadata pages
PclTest.Ios.sln Added PclTest.Ios project
reports.sqlite Move 'MasterHosts' into the ServiceStack solution, delete the old int…
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