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Bootstrap C#/.NET template for creating high performance social enabled websites and apis

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Social Bootstrap API

Is a Backbone.js-enabled Single Page App (SPA) template including a number of high-quality Open Source projects hand-picked for their simplicity and speed, providing a solid foundation to build a .NET-backed Web app on.

  • Twitters Bootstrap - For Website design template, css, widgets
  • ServiceStack - Simple, typed and fast .NET REST Web Services Framework
    • MVC PowerPack - Enhance MVC with clean Session, Caching, Logging, IOC & JSON libs
    • Bundler - A node.js powered CoffeeScript, Less, Sass & js website bundler & minifier
  • ASP.NET MVC3 - ASP.NET MVC Web Framework
  • Backbone.js - A lightweight MVC structure ideal for building Single Page Apps
  • Underscore.js - A functional utility toolbelt required by Backbone
  • jQuery - The ubiquitos JS library for providing a pleasant and smooth API around DOM quirks

It includes a number of Login/Auth options critical for a socially-connected website on the open web:

  • Credentials / HTML Form
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Basic Auth
  • Digest Auth

A copy of this repo is hosted on AppHarbor at

Here are some screenshots of the live app:

Home Page

Home Page



Follow @demisbellot for updates.

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